Alprazolam which is GG249 on it is medicine to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders. This medicine belongs to a group called benzodiazepines. Anxiety and panic appear when there is an excessive activity in the brain. Here is how Alprazolam functions. It slows the activity of certain substance in the brain. Thus, the brain’s work will be back balance and into its normal condition.

This medicine also can cause relaxed muscled and sleepiness. So, Alprazolam gg249 medication will not only treat your anxiety disorder, but also lets you to take a rest after the medication. However, this Alprazolam is assumed more toxic than any other medicine in benzodiazepines group. Thus, before taking it, you must have prescription from doctors.

The exact amount of Alprazolam can treat your problem. Nonetheless, if you take more or less than you need, the risk of body poisoning can raise.

Side Effects for Low Doses

Alprazolam side effects appear differently in each person. The amount of dose you take is mostly the determinant of Alprazolam side effects. If you take low dose of Alprazolam, side effect which mostly appears is drowsiness. This is indeed not a problem since drowsiness is an ordinary side effect of many kinds of medicine.

The other side effects are dizziness, being tired, problem in concentration, sweat increase, insomnia, nausea, dry mouth and stuffy nose. These Alprazolam side effects belong to minor effects since these usually happen only for certain time being.

Serious Side Effects

Alprazolam side effects can also be more serious than the preceding ones due to the amount of Alprazolam taken. If you take it in higher dosage, you might experience fatigue, memory and speech problems, and constipation. Alprazolam can also cause allergy, such as problem in breathing, tightness in chest, and hives.

Other serious side effects are hallucinations, loss of muscle control, unusual behavior change, depression, hyperactivity, urinating less than normal, yellowing of the skin or eyes, seizures, headache, blurred vision, and confusion. For a really high dosage of Alprazolam in a pretty long period of time, addiction might appear.

This can happen because one will have already depended on Alprazolam too much. As it has been stated before, that it is a more toxic medicine in benzodiazepines group, addiction can cause more fatal effects on the body.

It seems the more Alprazolam is taken, the more it will help to treat your problems. However, what happen in real is the opposite. A sudden stop of Alprazolam usage seems right to avoid any further Alprazolam side effects. However, you better consult this problem to your doctor.

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