Anyone who is currently suffering from the presence of tonsil stone is very much conscious that the existence of these little white chunks can be inconvenient and nauseating at the same time. These stones are an accumulation of food and debris that are stuck in the crypts of the tonsil. When ignored, these tonsil stones can grow painfully larger. These stones can also decay, which later on will cause bad breath.

Several individuals have employed a variety of tonsil stone removal methods. One popular way to successfully eradicate tonsil stones is the use of an oral irrigation device. An example and a recommended type of this device is a waterpik. It is equipped with a thin stream of water that can be used to clean the mouth, as well as the spaces between the teeth. The water can also flash stones from the corners of one’s tonsils.

How does one use a waterpik to get rid of tonsil stones? The step-by-step procedure is detailed below.

First of all, one should choose a well-lighted part of the house. Most people would advise to perform the task in the bathroom sink while using a big flashlight to light up the throat.

The second step is very important because it guarantees that the tonsils are not injured, which later on can lead to additional infection. The best way is to put the waterpik on the lowest setting. Anyone who is doing this for the first time is discouraged from using the highest setting because of the higher risk of tonsil damage and bleeding.

Once the waterpik is set on the lowest setting, aim the device’s stream of water exactly on top of the tonsils. Larger tonsil stones can be easily seen while there are some stones that will undeniably be hidden. The crypts of the tonsils must be rinsed thoroughly.

One must also know when to stop. The presence of pain or bleeding is a definite warning that the person should immediately stop using the waterpik. Once the tonsil stones have been removed, one should gargle with warm salt water. This action essentially lowers the risk of infection.

The preferred tonsil stone removal approach will be concluded successful when one or more tonsil stones are on the bathroom sink. This particular method temporarily gets rid of aggravating and distasteful stones. Therefore, it is important for a person to maintain proper hygiene to prevent further development of tonsil stones.

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