Tips for Joining a Reputable Online Wine Club

Ding Dong! My husband and I hear the doorbell and are jubilated because we know a special, monthly package has arrived. Appreciating the ability to savor differing wines that are recommended by wine experts and are delivered to our front door is an enjoyable monthly experience.

There are numerous online wine clubs, and searching for the online wine club that has pleasing-to-the-palate wines, trustworthy reviews, excellent customer service, guarantees, and beneficial newsletters provides for a fruitful experience. Tips for joining an online wine club that will be satisfying to your liking is a must.

Tip 1. Pleasing-to-the-palate wines and trustworthy reviews lead to an online wine company that will satisfy your needs. To find this worthy club, take the time to read through the online club’s wines selection; find out how the club chooses their wines; explore where the wines come from and the variety of wines available; find out if you have an option to choose between all white, all red, or one of each wine; also read what other subscribing member reviews have stated. In addition, find out where the wine company is located and who is choosing the wines for their selection. If the company meets your standard in these areas, move on to tip two.

Tip 2. Does the one wine club provide excellent customer service? Check to see if the club’s “contact us” link is readily accessible and beneficial. Make sure that the email, physical address, and phone number provided will allow you to have immediate contact with the club. Speak to or write to the company and explore the knowledge of the employees. Are they able to thoroughly, effectively, and immediately answer your questions? If you can answer yes to these questions, move on to tip three.

Tip 3. Does the club offer a guarantee on their wines? If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the wine, the delivery service, the club’s integrity, or other situational circumstances, will the company give you a full refund without hesitation? This is imperative because if you are not satisfied, you want to be able to utilize your money with a worthy wine club. If the club meets these requirements, move on to tip four.

Tip 4. Does the club provide a monthly newsletter to accompany their wine delivery? A quick note or blurb about each wine is not sufficient to provide you the knowledge to purchase similar wines in the future or to broaden your knowledge about wines. However, a monthly newsletter that is at least two-pages or a front-to-back 8×11 circular is sufficient to provide beneficial, accurate, and productive information. Always read the newsletter and check the accuracy of the content.

If the online wine club is able to meet your standards, and you will be delighted to recommend the club to friends, family, colleaguesCheers!

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