With the benefits of weight loss associated with green tea, it might be beneficial for those that drink coffee to switch. There are many benefits to green tea that are not present in drinking coffee. The only thing that coffee seems to do is only give you a caffeine fix. Green tea does have caffeine present. But, green tea itself has far more benefits to the consumer. Coffee has one benefit but many more drawbacks. For these reasons, the consumption of green tea is better than the consumption of coffee.

The first reason that the switch from coffee to green tea results in weight loss is due to the speeding up ones metabolism. How fast and how many calories you can burn depends on your metabolism. If you have a fast metabolism, you can burn off those excess calories. If you have a slow metabolism, expect to be gaining weight. One donut can put on extra pounds depending on your metabolic rate.

Coffee does not speed up your metabolism. This is something that green tea holds over coffee. According to researchers, green tea boosts your metabolism by four percent. It greatly increases the rate that your body burns calories. This is something to think about when deciding to switch from coffee to green tea.

The second benefit of the switch is that green tea inhibits fat absorption and regulates ones glucose levels. Fat absorption and glucose are two factors that are associated with weight gain.

When glucose is regulated, your insulin levels will not spike up. A lot of insulin results in fat storage. The more fat that gets stored up in your body the more weight you will gain. There is also a side-benefit consumption of green tea lowers your risk of developing diabetes.

This is another benefit that is not present in coffee.

The third benefit found by scientists is that green tea could reduce ones appetite. If our appetites are reduced, we are more than likely to eat less. The less food we consume combined with a high metabolic rate we can expect to lose weight. This is another benefit that is not found in coffee.

Depending on what type of coffees we enjoy, we are taking in extra calories. Such examples would be our mochas and other types of gourmet coffees with milk and whipped cream. All these extra goodies will give us extra calories. In turn, those calories are responsible for the extra pounds we are packing.

Green tea does not put on these extra calories.

In regards to caffeine by liquid volume, green tea has only one-third of the liquid volume.

Due to these benefits, it may entice many to drink green tea instead of coffee.


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