Any true Southern lady or gentleman knows that there is nothing quite like a nice, tall glass of ice-cold sweet tea. It is one of the ways we keep cool and refreshed during those hot, humid summer months. Of course, every now and then, we prefer to turn to a cocktail as a way to relax on the porch, enjoying the muggy night air alight with fireflies.

Speaking of fireflies, one of the most enjoyable products to come along in a long time is Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, one of those rare flavored liquors that truly lives up to what it says on the bottle. Rather than a harsh and burning vodka with a bit of flavor, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka possesses a taste that will make any drinker feel like they are drinking sweet tea with a touch of alcohol – not the other way around.

There are several flavors within the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka family: the classic Sweet Tea flavor, Raspberry, Peach, Mint, and Lemon (they also have a new Sweet Tea Bourbon, which is more great news for drinkers everywhere). Each flavor is unique and strong, not like many infused drinks that only have a hint of their supposed flavor. 

For those who do not usually enjoy straight liquors, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is a welcome change. Served over ice cubes, it is a great way to enjoy a short drink. However, all of the flavors mix beautifully with several other liquids to create cocktails that are highly enjoyable. Try equal parts cranberry juice with the classic Sweet Tea, Raspberry, and Peach flavors, which will create a sweet and smooth, tartly fruity cocktail. A bit of sparkling water, a fresh sprig of mint, and a little sugar syrup added to the Mint Tea Vodka flavor makes for a wonderfully simplified version of a mint julep. And for the Lemon Tea flavor, try adding a measure of freshly-made lemonade. Of course, the best mixer for any of these vodkas is good old sweet tea! 

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodkas run at excellent prices, especially considering the quality of the product and the quantity of drink possibilities. There are endless ways to prepare a wonderful cocktail that involves these tasty, fun products. Pick up a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka today, mix up a drink this evening, and enjoy a perfect Southern summer night straight on until dawn. 


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