Chicken is one of my favorite foods to cook with. There are so many different things you can do with chicken. Plus the number of other foods you can fuse with chicken is endless.

This is one of my favorite recipes and has always made a big hit with my friends and family. Play around with the recipe as much as you like for there are so many different ways to prepare this dish.


Boneless chicken breasts (4)
1 box of stove top stuffing
1 jar of chicken gravy
seasoned salt


Using a fillet knife, cut a deep slice in the middle of the chicken breasts so that you can open them in half.

On a plate, season the breasts with seasoned salt and let sit till the rest of ingredients are done.

Prepare stove top stuffing according to the directions on the box and heat the jar of chicken gravy in small pan.

Take each chicken breast and using a spoon put the stuffing in the slice of the chicken so that when stuffed, you will be able to cover most of the stuffing with the chicken breast.

After all four of the breasts are stuffed, place in baking pan and preheat oven to 375 F.

Pour chicken gravy over breasts and cover with tinfoil. Bake breasts for 1 hour.

After the hour, uncover the chicken breasts and bake an additional 5 to 10 minutes to brown breasts at the end of cooking.

Serve with vegetable and starch for a nice meal.

Sometimes I will even coat the chicken breasts with Shake ‘n’ Bake before I stuff them. Either way the meal is delicious and everyone will enjoy it. Freshly steamed asparagus is a nice vegetable to serve with this meal and adds to the eye appeal of the plate. You can also add vegetables to the stuffing like mushrooms, celery, onion or any of your favorites.

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