Children may experience coughing due to a variety of reasons; hence one must be aware of ways for a cough prevention in children. A dry cough is not associated with the production of any mucus or phlegm, this is the reason it is also known as an unproductive cough. The problem of dry cough is very common in children which can cause them a lot of discomfort. Hence, practicing dry cough prevention at an early stage is very essential to prevent it from turning into a chronic cough.

The dry cough prevention treatment can be home based, homeopathic or through over the counter drugs.

  1. The most commonly used home remedy for dry cough is by making your child drink lots of warm liquids and swallowing honey mixed with ginger juice. These home remedies are effective as well as safe to practice. Inhaling steam, once or twice a day can also help clear the air passage.
  2. Apart from the home based remedies, one can even make use of a natural remedy for dry cough. The whole idea behind using these remedies is to avoid the side effects associated with the prescription drugs. The homeopathic medicines which do not produce any side effects in children are rumex crispus, pulsatilla, bryonia, sulphur and so on.
  3. And finally, one can never go wrong with over the counter prescription drugs as a means of dry cough prevention. These suppressants help in providing quick relief to your child. In order to treat chronic dry cough or dry cough at night, a drug called Tessalon Perles is highly effective. Apart from this various cough syrups are also available in the market.

You must make your child follow any one of these remedies as soon as the cough develops. In case, there is no improvement and the coughing still persists, you must seek medical assistance. And once the cough gets cured, take appropriate measures to prevent it from rebounding.

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