The fact that light beer doesn’t taste as good as regular beer can be agreed upon by many, but disagreed upon by the same. The common factors in whether a person prefers a light beer over a heavy beer are based on amount of hops, barely, alcohol content, wheat, and pilsner brewed into the beer. Many long time beer drinkers may have no option but to drink light beer, but that doesn’t mean they prefer it, over heavy beer. Certain health conditions may dictate that course of drinkable by the consumer.

Depending on the brewer or manufacturer of the beer, some light beers are much more preferred over their heavier or “regular” counterparts due to ease of drinking. Some light beers are much easier on the insides than regular beer and many will argue that even one “regular” beer will cause a headache. This is nor here or there in regards to preference of taste, but statistical information and advertisement markets easily show that light beers are more heavily purchased and consumed. This statistical knowledge (each depending on the beer producer’s own stats) will vary to show their product as the leading light beer in the market.

Caloric the intake is much different from light beers to regular beers. Currently, advertisements are promoting the lower calorie light beers that are on the market, but from the standpoint of the drinker, calorie reduction does inhibit taste and is a major deciding factor when choosing a light beer to purchase.

Finding quality over competition is the key factor that each beer drinker must face, hopefully sober, and responsibly. Light beer does not make having only one or two more before operating a motor vehicle okay, it is a recipe for disaster for the drinker and innocent people on the road.

Finally giving my honest opinion as a person who used to consume several beers a day, before realizing the world is a much clearer place when not looking through a brown bottle. I will state that light beers do have the advantage over regular beers for many reasons that are based on popularity, social mixtures, cultural values, wants, and needs. Light beers really do not have any lose in taste, it’s just when a regular beer is drank, the smell and taste is so different that it tastes bad to the drinker. America has become a culture dependent on light beer’s taste and every major beer brewery knows this and has always produced what Americans want….great tasting beer.

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