Endless arguments over whether to use corn or flour tortillas for flautas have been made. I say use the type of tortilla you prefer. The flour will take one to two minutes and the corn two to three minutes to cook.

WARNING: Don’t fill with chili (the stew or soup type)as the ends of a flauta are open. The chili will run out the edges into the grease and holy moly what a mess. Flauta fillings can be moist but never wet or saucy for that reason.

My family likes to dip their flautas but everyone likes a different salsa. I generally offer the standard sour cream, guacamole, salsa roja (red tomato based) and salsa verde (green chilies and tomatillo). Occasionally we’ll add a mango salsa which goes well with green chilies and cheese.

For easy rolling place a stack of tortillas on a plate. Sprinkle a few drops of water between each tortilla and cover with a damp towel. Microwave for one minute just prior to filling. If you are more of a traditionalist you can warm tortillas in the same manner in a 200 degree oven for five to ten minutes.

Lay the warmed tortilla flat. About three quarters of the way from the top run a line of filling as big around as a plump cigar from the left edge to the right. Roll into a tight cylinder that resembles a flute. Use a toothpick on either end to hold the flauta closed. The chili mixture may run to the edge of the tortilla but the cheese should stop about an inch from either side. This helps to keep it from melting into the hot grease and making a big ole mess.


Open and drain one 18 ounce can of green chilies. Cut the strips into bite sized pieces.
Grate or shred one pound of Mexican farmer’s cheese
Fill and roll
Deep fry at 425 F
Drain on paper towel and serve as soon as possible


Two pounds of large chilies (Green such as pablonos or red such as anchos or mix it up)
Heat up the broiler or the grill to about 450 degrees
Pop off the stem and dispose of the seeds
Wash peppers inside and out
Roast or char until about three quarters of the pepper is blackened
Place in a paper bag and let the peppers sweat for fifteen to twenty minutes
Use a serrated knife to scrape off the charred skin then rinse and pat dry
Slice into bite sized pieces, sprinkle with a little salt and vinegar
Follow steps two through five of the previous recipe

The combination of chilies and cheeses is almost limitless. Green chilies with provolone wrapped in a flours tortilla then fried is almost pizza bite like. Gorgonzola and ancho reds with a chocolate mole ooze with sophistication. Only you can set the limits

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