It is said that the hot dog originated in 1484 in Frankfurt, Germany but was introduced to America in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St Louis. Coincidently in the same year George J French came out with his yellow mustard. A few years later Nathan Handwerker opened his Coney Island hot dog business Nathans on the boardwalk and he sold his dogs for a nickle. Today there are several different styles of hot dogs regular frankfurter, beef, bigger than the bun, deli style and turkey dogs. My personal Favorite hot dog is Nathan’s Famous, it has a distinct taste over all the others and nothing compares.

Now when it comes to toppings on your hot dog it may matter on what you like as a personal preference or where you live in the country. If you travel across the country the variations of what is put on a hot dog is quite different. From personal experience I like my hot dog with just plain old ketchup, spicy yellow mustard, sweet relish and sometimes chopped onions. In Chicago they put tomatoes, cucumbers, a dill pickle spear and sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard topped off with celery salt and served on a steamed poppy seed bun. On the west coast in Los Angeles there is a hot dog stand called Pink’s which is famous for their chili dog and primarily names a lot of their hot dog combinations with the toppings after celebrities. Guacamole and salsa could be put on the hot dog and called the Mexican a little spicy but still tasty. In Kansas City they enjoy to eat the hot dog topped with sauerkraut with melted Swiss cheese which actually sounds pretty good. What’s considered a Seattle style hot dog has a lot of cream cheese with sauerkraut on a grilled bun. So from New England to the Midwest all the way to the West Coast there can be a vast contrast to what creative toppings can be put on your hot dog but in the end what you put on it is what you think is creative.

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