The 5 or “Cinco” Vegas Gold line of cigars is the perfect selection for beginners, relatively inexpensive to purchase and with a mild, mellow taste that won’t overpower; certainly much milder in taste than the 5 Vegas original blend. With an attractive wrapper, tight roll, good standard draw and easy lighting, 5 Vegas is a good all-round cigar without being exceptional.

5 Vegas Gold comes in several varieties including 5 Vegas Gold Churchill, 5 Vegas Gold No. 1, 5 Vegas Gold Nuggets, 5 Vegas Gold Toro and 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo; different sizes but basically a similar taste. If you really want a cigar with impressive looking packaging and that extra ‘wow’ factor go for the 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo, the gold bullion shaped box has to be seen to be believed and it is guaranteed to be a talking point with visitors.

As for specifics, cigars in this line have Dominican Republic, Niceraguan, or Sumatran fillers aged for 5 years. They are wrapped in a shimmering Connecticut (seed) shade leaf honey-tan wrapper. The length of each individual cigar does vary but the ring gage is about 50. The ash is solid and is more gray than white in color; some of the larger cigars can burn up to 2 hours each and no relights are usually required.

Flavor wise, 5 Vegas Gold cigars are quite mild and smooth but with quite a robust flavor nonetheless. With sweet grass and wood tastes, with zesty peppery hints and a slight nutty bitterness (more like almonds rather than hazelnut) towards the end, this cigar blows creamy white smoke with a pleasant but not overly significant aroma. There is an overall sweetness to the taste yet specific sensations will vary depending on the individual.

Available as cheaply as $3 per stick at some retailers, this is not a cigar that will break the bank. A box of 30 Toros for $65.95 is not a bad buy. Hand made in one of Honduras’ top factories, 5 Vegas Gold cigars are a great everyday smoke, not as good as the Excalibur perhaps but still adequate.




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