Dear Gift Givers,

Some of you know me well enough to know that I love all things beery. Even bad beer is better than no beer at all. For those of you who don’t know me so well I’ve put together a list of ideas to shorten your shopping day.

I wear a lot of beer stuff from my Guinness flip-flops to my Red Stripe shades. Don’t worry about the size cause I collect the stuff too. Hats, logo bar towels and most of all t-shirts. Almost every brewery has an online shop now and will ship that item straight to me. Stuff from the little micro breweries is what I like the best.

Speaking of collectibles I like bottle openers, coasters, tray, mugs, and tap handles. Oldbeerstuff.com has some collectibles for even the cheapest of you and a list of links to great beer related stuff. What I have been hoping for is a real hand blown yard of ale with a wooden stand.

Of course I’d love a beer club membership. What could be better than looking forward to a box of beer every month. My favorite is the microbeerclub.com. You can get me a month, a year or a lifetime membership. It’s only thirty bucks a month.

Beer magazines are always a treat. I already get “All About Beer” but am hoping that one of you will send me a subscription to “Draft”

Any book on beer is good for me, but the one I’m hoping for the most is Micheal Jackson’s latest “Beer: Eyewitness Companion”.

Buying beer for me is a never fail idea. Anything even the worst of the worst will be used to bring joy into my life. Me I like porters and stouts the most so any of those are good. Hey I’ll even be happy with a PBR or a Schlitz.

Beer snacks to go with the beer. Popcorn, nuts, pretzels anything. Gotta have nibbleys.

I never have enough glassware so can always use a few dimple pints, tall pilsner glasses or a few mugs to keep in the freezer for friends.

I think that I already mentioned that I was hoping for “Draft” magazine. That’s because I’ve finished out the basement with a billiard table and big screen. All I need now is a keg cooler. You know the little icebox designed to hold a keg of beer. A few neons and posters would be cool too.

Buy me tickets to a beer festival. We can spend the day worshiping the barley together. Better yet if your pockets are deep we could go on a festival trip to England, Germany or even Seattle. Take in a few micro breweries as well.

Thanks for listening, hope this make your gift buying easier.


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