I’ve been hearing about this dish from my roommate, who’s Italian-American, and who used to own and run a restaurant for many years. Living with 3 other male roommates who are finicky with their food, it takes sometime before we decide which dinner we’re going to prepare for the evening (unless we decide to order from our trusted neighborhood food places.). We agreed then, that we can make this chicken dish tonight after the Thanksgiving dinner a few nights ago, and after we’ve checked what we still got left in our well-stocked pantry. My Italian-American roommate took the lead in cooking.

Here’s a clear-cut variation of this recipe from what’s usually found in most cookbooks:

What you will need:

4 pieces of chicken (around 5 pounds), whole leg, cut into serving portions (the size of a medium sized potato) – or you may use whatever parts you prefer

2 cans (28-oz) of peeled whole tomatoes
1 can (28-oz) of crushed tomatoes
1 can (26-oz) garlic and herb spaghetti sauce
4 medium sized onions – 2 pieces have to be diced, 2 pieces have to be sliced length-wise
4 cloves of garlic, sliced
4 medium sized carrots, peeled, sliced to serving portions
6 medium sized potatoes, peeled, quartered
6 medium sized green bell pepper, sliced into lengthwise
The biggest cooking pot you have, so that you’ll have space to stir constantly, without being splattered on
1 cup olive oil
Seasoning: parsley, salt, oregano, crushed basil

Heat olive oil in a skillet. Brown the chicken into it. Put on a separate plate the browned chicken in the meantime.

In the pot, pour the olive oil you used for browning the chicken, and saut the diced onions and garlic. Add a little salt to taste.

Add into the pot with sauteed onions and garlic the 2 cans of peeled whole tomatoes, mash them with your fingers as you go about pouring its contents. Then add the contents of the canned crushed tomatoes. Add 2 cups of water into the mixture that you have gathered from rinsing the cans rather than throwing them right away – to keep the savor and taste.

Season it with parsley, oregano, basil, and salt. Let it boil in medium fire for 15 to 30 minutes, so you’ll have the juices of the tomatoes and the mixture cooked in well together.

Add the potatoes, the pepper, carrots. Add the browned chicken pieces. Give the mixture a good stir.

Let it simmer in low fire for 2 and a half hours, preferably longer. Stir occasionally.

Good for at least 8 people. Serve with bread, or steamed rice.

Note: The big secret in this dish is to let it simmer for sometime, just like making sauces that you prepare for your other pasta-based meals. The whiff of simmering tomato sauce with basil, oregano and other herbs will certainly remind you of slow, home cooked food when you were younger. And for those who come from the Philippines, this dish may remind you of “Mechado.”


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