So, I needed some extra money and thought bar tending might bring in some easy, quick cash. So, I ambled down to the closest restaurant and lent my services to the Sunday morning brunch crowd. To my dismay, 80 percent of what was ordered for me to make was Bloody Marys. And I was clueless beyond knowing to use the tomato juice and also I quickly learned that everyone had specific tastes and liked their drink prepared differently. Having said that, over my time learning to tend bar I compiled the best of the best list here, with a Spicy Bloody Mary that’s sure to please most if not all. Spicy enough to get the juices flowing but not too spicy as to put you into party mode (Just yet!). So, without further ado:

The best spicy Bloody Mary there is:

Start with a mixing tin or empty glass (8 oz) , no ice:

4 counts of Vodka, preferably not flavored unless using Absolut Pepper (which will amp up the kick value)

*By counts I mean, 1..2..3..4.., not quite a Mississippi count but not fast either, just a beat slower*

2 dashes of Worcester

*By dashes, I mean two quick dips of the bottle, should be a bit of a thicker liquid, acts as a binding agent to help bring all the different ingraiedients together

Finally add 2 pinches of each:

Pepper (Regular pepper right out of the shaker)
Celery Salt (Can do without but adds that level grounding to the taste of bitterness)
Old Bay (A must!)
Celery Seed (Again can do without but adds to the graininess and texture)

Lastly add 3 dashes of Tabasco

*Again, quick dips from the bottle, not too much here becasuse a little Tabasco goes a long way

Then the base of everything: 4-5 counts of Tomato Juice, this decision is decided depending on whether this is your first or second drink, ha.

Now the mixing: Using the tin or glass mix throughly, tossing the mixture back and forth from one tin to another or one glass into another. Because of all the compnenets be sure to really mix. After shaking properly, rim a clean large glass with Old Bay. Basically use a lemon slice and trace the rim of the glass, then with some Old Bay on a plate turn empty glass upside-down and coat the rim with the seasoning. The fill the glass with ice and pour mixed contents onto ice. Serve with a celery stalk or if you are feeling extra creative a skewer of cold shrimp. This is a great brunch pick me up or can be a creative cocktail party drink. Enjoy!


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