Bextra is a common drug used for such pain as arthritis, migraines, even a woman’s menstrual cramps. It has been used for a long time now since being pulled off the market in 2005 for some strange side effects that have been affecting people’s bodies in the form of in the worst cases, a heart attack or even a possible stroke. There has been a drinking form of this pill, (which is also called valdecoxib) and it too has been pulled of the market for the same reasons including a terrible skin rash reaction that is proven to be very harmful.

Bextra was once off the record as an anti inflammatory drug. It had the sure signs and classifications on its label not to be taken from people who have terrible reactions to the chemistry or get allergies quickly as well. But this wasn’t the case with Bextra. People who have never had a reaction to any type of drug, pill or liquid form had gotten rashes or strokes just from Bextra! The reactions to this drink and pill were so bad that people have actually died from the conditions it gave. After drinking Bextra you feel fine for a couple days then your skin starts to get irritated and red. One of these conditions is called  toxic epidermal necrolysis.

In toxic epidermal necrolysis, the skin becomes widely irritated in large portions, looking peeled and giving the vision of what looks like, second degree burns. There is also another symptom that Bextra users have gotten, which was Stevens and Johnson syndrome causing the skin to become largely inflammatory and sore. There are many comparable drugs to Bextra which do not cause these horrible effects to the body and that is one of the many reasons this drug has been pulled off the market quickly.

I myself have never taken Bextra so I have never had the terrible symptoms that it can give out to one’s body. But the sound of it is absolutely horrifying and just thinking that this drug was out on the market trying to heal people, was actually out killing them is a scary notion. It just gets you thinking that everything out there made for us to take is certainly not as safe as you would like to believe, that is probably the most terrifying thing in the world of drugs. You never know what is safe anymore!      


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