This time around, I thought I’d review a beer that is quickly becoming a go-to beer for me. By go-to, I mean a beer that I like to keep in my beer fridge at all times. A “one size fits all” beer that will satisfy multiple occasions and multiple palates satisfactorily. Not that this particular beer is exceptional in any way, but that’s part of the reason it’s handy as a standard fridge stocker. Tasty, yet not too challenging to the palate-challenged among us, this is a beer that is utilitarian without being boring – a difficult task.

I’m not typically a big fan of the Pilsner style, which originated in the Pilsen region of what is now the Czech Republic, or of lagers in general, but today’s beer review represents a user-friendly version of the style that I actually enjoy a lot. Schlafly (also known as The St. Louis Brewing Company) brews over a dozen fine craft beers right in the back yard of one of the biggest brewers in the world – Anheuser-Busch. If you haven’t, I’d encourage you to sample their beers and see the difference that fresh, craft-brewed beers can make.

Here is my review, taken from notes, of Schlafly Pilsner:

Pours a nice clean golden color with a monstrous, tight white head that persists long. Carbonation bubbles are alive in the tall pilsner glass I’ve poured this beer into. The nose is of floral hops, offset by a nice semi-sweet maltiness. No skunky nose here in this Pilsner, like you find in many imported examples of this style. The palate is floral and herbal up front, with a nice smooth malt background, creating a very good balance in this beer. The flavors are subtle, but they are there … unlike the “pilsner-esque” beers you find so often from the macro brewers. The taste is unchallenging, but full and crisp. The mouthfeel is light, adequately carbonated, and the beer finishes refreshingly dry – not overly bitter.

This is a very, very drinkable pilsner and a great beer to share with your light beer drinking friends as a way to introduce them to a more flavorful beer. I think it is one of the better domestic examples of the Czech style I’ve come across. This is the kind of beer you grab when you just want a beer … kind of a “table beer” if you will. Coming from me, this is quite an endorsement as I’ve said, since the pilsner style usually is not one that gets me too excited. This beer gets me excited and I’ve come to rely on it as a faithful standard in my stock of beer at home.


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