Since this beer is only available at certain times of year, it’s worth clamoring for. If you feel the need for a good barley wine, look no further than the Lagunitas GnarlyWine. It is every bit as gnarly as the name suggests. This is a beer that you won’t find at just any old grocery store or beer shop. Truth be told, your best bet is probably to journey to the West Coast in order to get your hands on this amazing brew. The folks at Lagunitas seem to be constantly increasing their range of distribution, but somehow I doubt you’re likely to find a limited release seasonal beer such as the GnarleyWine, especially considering that it’s only available in the twenty-two ounce bomber bottle.

I took a trip out the beautiful expanse known as Central California last year and was able to put this delicious brew to my lips. My relationship with barley wines has a tendency to wax and wane, so I wasn’t sure I would find this to be my kind of beer. About two seconds after it washed around in my mouth I was sure that it was an incredible beer. With 10 to 12% alcohol by volume, this full bodied beer is best enjoyed at a slow pace.  I learned that very quickly after downing two glasses of it. I stood up and almost fell over before I realized that the intensity of the GnarleyWine should be underestimated. This is a beer with a serious kick.

I know there are as many opinions regarding barley wine style beers as there are people who walk the earth. But believe me when I say that you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t try this beer. This is one of a few microbrew barley wines that will appeal to people of all beer loving backgrounds. Whether you come from the place of a hop lover or a malt aficionado, the GnarleyWine will give you something you won’t soon forget. It is an orange hue with hints of amber, appearing as though it were brewed in a sunset. And it goes without mentioning that the intense alcohol is simply awesome.

Keep in mind that you will have to be careful when drinking this beer. This is not like Bud Light where you can get away with drinking a whole six pack. If you drank six of these beers, you would have the alcohol equivalent of 18 or 20 Bud Light beers. Be cautious and enjoy one of the better beers available!


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