I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life and Milwaukee for five years. For those of you who have little knowledge of Milwaukee, it is known as Brew City because of the variety of breweries that were located and still are located there. My beer drinking tastes have changed as I have gotten older. I’ve gone from a person who enjoys a simple lager to a huge fan of dark beers and IPAs. Riverwest Stein, made by Lakefront Brewery is my current favorite. My life in Milwaukee was wonderful. I had a good job, decent entertainment options, and an excellent beer selection. Then, I moved to China.

At its best, the beer in China can be compared to weak tea. It has little flavor, is watery, and the alcohol percentage is usually between 2.1 and 1.8. It is not worth drinking. This does not stop me from drinking it, but it has caused me to cut back drastically on the amount of beer that I consume. In America, I was going through several six packs a week (with the help of my husband) and now we can barely finish a large bottle of Chinese beer together. The fun went out of beer drinking. The crazy trick that many of my Chinese friends will pull is to add a shot of white alcohol to their beer to strengthen the beverage. This causes people to get pretty drunk and crazy and does not make the beer taste better. I miss my American microbrews.

Within the past few months, I discovered a grocery store that I can bike to that offers Tiger beer. This has changed my life in China. It is a higher quality lager with a normal alcohol percentage. Every time I open one, I remember that beer can be delicious. I usually buy four large bottles at a time, drink them only when I really want to, and then bike back to the store to replenish my stock. It has become worthwhile to drink again.

In two months I will move back to the United States. I plan on going on brewery tours, throwing parties, and stocking up on all of the delicious beers I have been missing. I sometimes dream of the beer aisle at the grocery store and all that it has to offer. I do not know if it is better to get back into drinking slowly, because my tolerance has been severly altered in the past year, or if I should just jump right in and enjoy. I like to think that I am the type of person who can make wise decisions and will take a drinking adventure slowly, but experience has taught me that this will most likely not be what happens. I hope that when my family meets me at the airport, they bring beer.


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